Unleash the dragon in you! Not only is the Drakonia Gaming Mouse an eyecatcher because of its dragon-scale design, but it also has all the essentials for excellent gaming performance. Apart from a weight-tuning system and eleven easily accessible buttons, the mouse is also equipped with a laser sensor which has up to 5,000 DPI of pinpoint accuracy. The mouse buttons can be customized via the free, downloadable gaming software.
In-Built Accuracy
To make sure that every click counts, the Drakonia is equipped with the high-grade laser sensor Avago 9500 which has a gaming capable sensitivity of up to 5,000 DPI. The desired DPI can be selected from one of seven preset levels. The lighting of the DPI display indicates at a glance which DPI level is currently being used.
For Fast Maneuvers
To perform maneuvers quickly and easily, the Drakonia has a total of eleven programmable buttons. All of these, including the 4-way scroll wheel and the thumb buttons, can be individually programmed as desired using the gaming software. The rubberized sides ensure a stable grip during the heat of the battle.
Design with Dragon’s Skin
The surface of the Drakonia with its dragon-scale design puts individuality and an expressive character to the forefront. The design is given an elegant contrast where the Drakonia logo is lit against a black background. The logo’s illumination can be customized using the gaming software, and colors can also be selected using the color switch button on the side of the mouse.
Controlled Operation
The ergonomically designed body of the gaming mouse is ideal for larger hands or for those who prefer the palm grip. Customized control with best agility is achieved by adjusting the internal weight-tuning system with its six removable weights.
Comprehensive Gaming Software
For a wide range of strategic options, the downloadable software offers a variety of customizations. These include sensitivity settings, illumination of the logo, button assignments and macro programming. Of course, the Drakonia can also be used without the gaming software.
Avago ADNS-9500
Configurable Through Software
Max. Polling Rate:
1,000 Hz
Lift-Off Distance:
1-5 mm
Frames Per Second:
Inches Per Second:
Max. Acceleration:
30 g
Weight-Tuning System:
6x 5 g
Rubber Coating for Maximum Grip:
Mouse Feet:
Weight without Cable:
150 g
Dimensions (L x W x H):
126 x 88.1 x 41.8 mm
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7/8/10
Button Properties
Number of Buttons:
Programmable Buttons:
Durable Omron Switches in Left and Right Mouse Buttons:
4-Way Scroll Wheel:
DPI Properties
DPI Levels:
5,000; 4,000; 3,000; 2,000; 1,500; 1,000; 500
DPI Switch:
DPI Indicator:
Software Properties
Gaming Software:
Onboard Memory for Game Profiles:
Number of Profiles:
Cable and Connector
Gold-Plated USB Plug:
Textile-Braided Cable:
Cable Length:
180 cm
Package Contents
Additional Set of Mouse Feet
Transport Bag
EAN Code
Data Sheet
Product Info
Software Manual