For console gamers!
The X-Tatic SP Plus was developed specifically for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox360 . Accordingly, you can easily connect it to these consoles thanks to its amplifier cable!
Fast start!
Four simple steps and you're ready to go! Power for the in-line amplifier gets to your new headset directly from the USB port on your console.
For better in-game sound!
Two 40 mm speakers, an in-line amplifier, noise cancelling, and an overear design with clear highs and powerful bass give you a new experience in gaming.
Exceptional comfort!
The padded headband and soft ear cushions provide you the comfort needed for your gaming sessions.
Everything is under control!
Sound and voice volume can be controlled separately, so you can decide for yourself how loud you want to hear the game sound or your team mates.

Benefits for your gaming downtime!
Through its modular cable system, you can use the X-Tatic SP Plus with your PC, smartphone and MP3 player.

PS4 Compatible
Direct connection to the PS4 through the 3.5 mm jack. (Volume control is through the PS4)

Ensure that you have the decisive advantage! Now!
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