With the X-Rest PRO, any headset or headphones will have a place on top of the gaming desk. The headset stand remains unobtrusive in the background thanks to its minimalist design. Nevertheless, it has both headset and mouse always under control.
Minimalist Design
The X-Rest PRO is a stand made of angled metal and offers headsets and headphones a secure place on the tabletop. The extra-large base is especially tilt-proof as well as being nonslip thanks to its rubber covering. The top of the stand has a raised end to give the headset a perfect hold and to prevent it from slipping off.
Under Control
The X-Rest PRO also takes the mouse into consideration. The practical guide for mouse cables is adjustable in height and puts an end to cable tangles.
240 g
Dimensions (L x W x H):
138 x 138 x 263 mm
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X-Rest PRO
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