Whether it's a sophisticated office computer, a compact multimedia station or an affordable gaming PC: The V1000 Window is a micro-ATX case which offers versatile solutions for individualists. The three pre-installed fans and the mesh grill in the front panel provide an optimal airflow. The tunnel on the bottom panel, which hides the power supply and its cables, and the various installation options for drives all provide for a tidy appearance inside the case, which can be viewed through the acrylic window on the side panel. Behind this, the installed hardware is perfectly highlighted by the illumination of the LED fans.
Optimal Airflow with LED Highlights
The V1000 Window comes pre-installed with three 120 mm LED fans. If required, a 240 mm or even a 280 mm radiator can be installed behind the front panel when the drive mount is removed. If additional fans are preferred, these will find locations under the top panel. Here, three 120 mm or two 140 mm fans can be installed. Through the acrylic window on the side panel, the installed components are clearly seen in the atmospheric light of the LED fans.
The Small All-Rounder
The V1000 Window has something for everybody. It is suitable for office use as well as for gaming. Or it can be used as a compact multimedia station. And the micro-ATX case is small enough to fit into any small niche under the desk. Nevertheless, it offers plenty of room for essential extras which are otherwise only found in ATX cases.
Various Options for Data Storage Drives
The front panel of the V1000 Window has a removable mount for 5.25" drives. Here, the supplied 5.25" front cover with a 3.5" opening enables the installation of an external 3.5" device. Two 3.5" HDDs or two 2.5" SSDs will find room in the HDD/SSD cage. Two further 2.5" drives can be accommodated behind the mainboard tray.
Lots of Room Also for Larger Components
Not only data storage drives will find enough room in the V1000 Window. Although the case is very compact, graphics cards can be installed, for example, with a maximum length of 40 cm, or a radiator can be mounted at the front.
Neat and Tidy
The tunnel on the bottom panel of the V1000 Window enables the tidy installation of the power supply together with its cabling. Here, power supplies with a maximum length of 24 cm can be placed next to the HDD/SSD cage, which is also housed in the tunnel. Thanks to the extra-long slots, the cage can be moved into the required position. Several cable pass-throughs ensure that the rest of the cabling can tidily disappear behind the mainboard tray.
Form Factor:
Expansion Slots:
Interior Painting:
Tool-Free Devices Installation:
Cable Management System:
Side Panel:
Weight & Dimensions
5.2 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H):
45.0 x 19.5 x 40.2 cm
USB 3.0 (Front):
Audio (Front):
Drive Bays
5.25" or 3.5" external or 2x 2.5":
5.25" to 3.5" Bay Cover:
3.5" or 2.5":
Fan Configuration
Front Panel:
2x 120 mm LED fan (pre-installed) or radiator (optional)
Rear Panel:
1x 120 mm LED fan (pre-installed)
Top Panel:
3x 120 mm or 2x 140 mm fan (optional)
Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX
Max. Length Graphics Cards:
40.0 cm
Max. Height CPU Cooler:
15.0 cm
Max. Length PSU:
24.0 cm
Max. Height Radiator incl. Fan (Front):
5.9 cm
Package Contents
V1000 Window
Accessory Set
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