The X-Rest 7.1 puts tidiness on the table! And from the outside, with its blue LED illumination, the headset stand is an eye-catcher. But what it has inside also deserves attention: The headset stand has an integrated USB soundcard, which allows existing Windows systems to be conveniently equipped with 7.1 sound. The easily accessible controls enable the simple setting of the microphone mute, volume control and equalizer. With the included software, various settings can be customized.
Tidiness with Style
The X-Rest 7.1, with its angular design and stylish LED illumination, is a real eye-catcher on any gaming desk. It provides tidiness and puts the headset within immediate reach. The X-Rest 7.1 will stay safe and stable thanks to the heavy base with its nonslip rubber pads.
Optimized Sound
The X-Rest 7.1 is not only something to be seen. Its inner worth is also something to be heard. The integrated USB soundcard is especially suitable as a second source of sound for the operation of loudspeakers or a headset.
Everything in Sight
The X-Rest 7.1 has easily accessible controls for the quick adjustment of the microphone mute, the volume control and the equalizer modes. And just a short glance at the X-Rest will be enough to let you know that the microphone is muted: the LED illumination will be shining in red.
Best Compatibility
The X-Rest 7.1 is compatible with all headsets, whether with conventional stereo plugs or with TRRS plugs. It will automatically detect which connection is used.
Equalizer Modes with Powerful Software
The X-Rest 7.1 has not only been made for gamers. Music fans will also be well catered for. Eight preset equalizer modes provide the perfect setting for every taste in music. The included software also enables personal settings to be made and saved for future use. In addition, the LED illumination can be deactivated, and microphone settings can be adjusted.
Headset Stand incl. USB Soundcard
Sound Chip:
Surround Mode:
Virtual 7.1*
Volume Control:
Microphone Mute:
Hardware Equalizer:
8 Presets
Power Supply:
Color Versions:
Weight Without Cable:
380 g
Dimensions (L x W x H):
120 x 120 x 260 mm
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X**
Cable and Connector
2x 3.5 mm Stereo Jack
Textile Braided Cable:
Cable Length:
200 cm
Software Properties
None, Theater, Bathroom, Living Room, Corridor
Virtual 7.1 Sound:
Microphone Boost:
PlayStation 4:
Package Contents
X-Rest 7.1
CD with Software and Manual
* Only with installed software through Windows
** Mac OS X / PS4™: Only Stereo supported
EAN Code
Product Info
Software Manual