Solid Gaming Keyboard With LED Illumination
Design meets functionality: The illuminated SHARK ZONE K20 keyboard not only impresses with its solid appearance but also offers simple operation and easy setup. All features can be conveniently accessed using the keyboard shortcuts, and software installation is not needed. With its robust materials, the keyboard housing is completely made of metal and always promises a stable platform on the table. In addition, the palm rest contains two nonslip silicone pads, which can be removed and cleaned with water if required. The gaming keyboard connects via its striking yellow cable with gold-plated USB plug.
Adjustable Background Illumination in Three Colors Individual adjustments to the illumination and color settings are easy thanks to the SHARK ZONE function key. Thus, the background illumination in the colors white, red and blue can be easily adjusted via a simple shortcut. The same applies to the lighting effect with a selectable illumination intensity (50%, 100%, off) and pulsating effect.
Gaming Mode With Disabled Windows Key
Likewise, via shortcuts, the practical gaming mode - with disabled Windows key - can be selected. All keys on the keyboard can be locked if desired. Also, the functions of the WASD keys can be virtually interchanged with the arrow keys.
Function Keys With Preset Multimedia Actions
For even simpler operation, the keyboard has a total of seven function keys available with preset multimedia actions. With a simple click, the media player, web browser and e-mail can all be comfortably launched, for example. The desired volume level can also be easily adjusted.
Gaming Keyboard
Switch Technology:
Rubber Dome
White, Red, Blue
Adjustable Illumination:
50%, 100%, Pulsating, Off
Max. Polling Rate:
1,000 Hz
Gaming Mode:
Form Factor:
3-Block Layout
Palm Rest:
Weight incl. Cable:
1.35 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H):
455 x 210 x 37 mm
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS, Linux
Key Properties
Function Keys with Preset Multimedia Actions:
Multi-Key Rollover Support:
Arrow Keys Functions are Interchangeable with the WASD Section:
Operating Life Cycles of Keys:
Min. 10 Million Keystrokes
Cable and Connectors
Cable Length:
160 cm
Gold-Plated USB Plug:
Package Contents
Silicone Pads
English (UK)
English (US)
EAN Code
DE: 4044951016808
UK: 4044951017225
US: 4044951016891
CN: 4044951017218
FR: 4044951017232
ES: 4044951017249
KR: 4044951018123
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