Noise Reduction for Mechanical Keyboards
When pressing mechanical keys all the way down, apart from the click sound produced in popular tactile switches, the keycap stem hitting the keyboard frame produces the familiar noise. The three-component Sharkoon Noise Silencer set effectively reduces these noises. In addition to the noise-dampening O-rings for up to 120 keys, the set also includes a practical cleaning brush and a handy keycap puller tool. The latter helps properly remove the keycaps of the mechanical keyboards without scratching and facilitates the installation of the O-rings.
Balanced Keystrokes with Reduced Key Drop
With a thickness of less than 2 mm, the black O-rings shorten the key drop only minimally. The hardness of Shore 60A not only provides effective noise reduction but also a well-balanced keystroke, which does not feel spongy in contrast to the lower degrees of hardness. Thus effectively reducing operating noise, while keeping a pleasant typing feeling.
Color Versions:
60 Shore A
2 mm
Outer diameter:
8 mm
Inner diameter:
4 mm
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