The PACELIGHT RGB LED Strip S1 brings 16.8 Million colors into PC cases. With its 18 LEDs, the strip is the optimal addition for existing illumination and puts the right highlight in the right place. The strip is easy to install on all surfaces thanks to its option of either magnetic or adhesive fastening.
Everything in the Best Light?
The PACELIGHT RGB LED S1 Strip allows the quick and easy installment of visual highlights. With its 18 splash-proof 5050 RGB LEDs the strip is the perfect complement for existing case illumination. Although the strip has been specially developed for the PACELIGHT RGB controller, it is also compatible with all other RGB controllers which have a 12V G-R-B connection.
Flexible Options for Attaching
The PACELIGHT RGB LED Strip S1 is long enough at 360 mm to provide most side panels with an even spread of light. With a width of 10 mm, it can also fit into spaces that are narrow or otherwise difficult to reach. The option of attaching either magnetically or adhesively makes the strip suitable not only for metal PC cases but also for all other types of casing.
LED Type:
5050 RGB
360 mm
10 mm
No. of LEDs:
4-pin (2.54 mm)
12 V – G-R-B
Cable Length:
60 cm
Magnetic / Self-adhesive
Rated Voltage:
12 V DC
Rated Current:
280 mA
30 g
Dimensions (L x W x H):
360 x 10 x 3 mm
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Pacelight RGB LED Strip S1
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