Soft Mat with RGB Illumination
With the 1337 RGB Gaming Mat, Sharkoon expands their popular 1337 series with a multicolored highlight. Like the other gaming mats of the series, the 1337 RGB offers an extremely robust textile surface with optimum gliding properties as well as a nonslip rubber base for a perfect hold. However, RGB illumination now borders the flexible soft mat, transforming the discreet mouse mat into a piece of effective gaming equipment.

Well Thought Out and User-Friendly
Freely select the illumination color from a specified RGB range. Three different lighting modes are provided, which – like all other functions – are easily adjusted via a single button on the controller. The controller does not get in the way during movements, thanks to its low height of only 9 mm, and offers a practical mouse cable guide for even more comfort while gaming. The 1337 RGB Gaming Mat itself is only 3 mm thick, 359 mm wide and 279 mm deep, making it ideal for most types of gamers.

Adjustable Illumination:
Nonslip Rubber Base:
DurableStitch Sewing:
3 mm
225 g
Dimensions (L x W x H):
359 x 279 x 3 mm
Package Contents
1337 RGB
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