The Sharkoon Floor Mat in American vintage style is the perfect complement to your Sharkoon gaming chair. The floor mat provides enough room with its diameter of 120 centimeters, and yet it can fit into all kinds of small gaming corners. Thanks to the hard-wearing polyester surface, sensitive floors are protected from scratches, while noises from the gaming chair, when being moved around, are dampened. And so that the floor mat stays where it should, its underside has an anti-slip covering.
Scratch Free, Noise Free
The robust polyester surface of the Sharkoon Floor Mat effectively protects the floor from scratches and other marks which can be caused by the wheels of the gaming chair. And not only the flooring but also the floor mat will keep its good looks thanks to the rim which has an all-round stitching to protect against fraying. In addition to this, the extra thickness of 5 millimeters will sufficiently dampen noise caused by the moving wheels of the chair.
Stays Put
For optimal freedom of movement on the gaming chair, the underside of the floor mat has been finished with an anti-slip rubber surface. This prevents the floor mat from sliding whenever the chair is moved and keeps it firmly in its place.
120 cm
Material Thickness:
5 mm
Nonslip Base:
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