The Light² S combines a distinctly low weight with an ergonomically uniform design, which can be used with either the left or the right hand. Thanks to its honeycomb structure, the gaming mouse achieves a firm grip and an absolutely low weight of only 78 grams, providing intuitive and comfortable use for hours of gaming. Thanks to a powerful optical sensor with up to 6,200 DPI and eight freely assignable mouse buttons, the gaming mouse is suitable for various genres and playing styles.
Ambidextrous Design
The Light² S provides a featherlight sensation when gaming for both left and right-handers. Thanks to its completely symmetrical design, it can be used with the preferred hand along with the preferred grip. Corresponding to its design, the Light² S has two thumb buttons on each side, which can be freely assigned using the gaming software. The uniform shape of the gaming mouse rests comfortably in the hand and, together with the special honeycomb structure, ensures a firm grip, regardless of whether it is left or right.
Featherlight Performance
As a gaming mouse from the Light² series, the Light² S also has a clearly noticeable low weight. Thanks to its honeycomb shell, it weighs only 78 grams, making it pleasantly light in the hand. Despite its lightness, the mouse is extremely robust thanks to its symmetrical shape and the special design of the outer shell. This makes it particularly suitable for long, continuous gaming sessions.
Flexibility without Limits
The handling of the Light² S benefits in particular from its light weight. Fast and fluid movements can be performed without any effort, while every event remains under full control at all times. For uninterrupted gaming fun and high speed, the four mouse feet are made of 100 percent PTFE, allowing the mouse to slide smoothly over the mouse pad. More flexibility and almost unrestricted freedom of movement are achieved with an ultraflexible, textile braided cable.
Designed for Precision
For precise aiming and tracking, the Light² S deploys its optical PixArt PAW3327 sensor. This provides a resolution of up to 6,200 DPI, which, via the Light² S software, can be freely adjusted and saved in five steps. The steps can be changed at any time using the mouse's DPI switch. Together with eight freely assignable buttons, the mouse is suitable for a wide range of applications and can be adapted to the requirements of different game genres.
Chic Lighting
The elegantly symmetrical shape of the Light² S is complemented by the atmospheric RGB illumination. A strip of light runs from one mouse button to the other around the Light² S, emphasizing its streamlined design. Through the honeycomb structure at the back of the mouse, the illuminated Sharkoon logo is recognizable as a subtle highlight. Using the software for the Light² S, the illumination can also be customized for personal style with a variety of effects and colors from the entire RGB spectrum.
PixArt PAW3327
Onboard Memory for Game Profiles:
Capacity of Onboard Memory:
16 kB
Max. Polling Rate:
1,000 Hz
Frames Per Second:
Inches Per Second:
Max. Acceleration:
30 g
Honeycomb Structure:
Mouse Feet:
4, 100 % PTFE
Weight without Cable:
78 g
Dimensions (L x W x H):
126 x 66 x 40 mm
Supported Operating Systems:
Button Properties
Number of Buttons:
Programmable Buttons:
Durable Omron Switches in Left and Right Mouse Buttons:
Operating Life Cycles of Buttons:
Min. 10 Million Clicks
DPI Properties
DPI Levels:
600; 1,800; 3,000; 4,200; 6,200
DPI Switch:
DPI Indicator:
Software Properties
Gaming Software:
Number of Profiles:
Customizable DPI Levels:
Cable and Connector
Gold-Plated USB Plug:
Ultraflexible Cable:
Textile-Braided Cable:
Cable Length:
180 cm
Package Contents
Light² S
Additional Set of Mouse Feet
EAN Code