We’ve gone a step further with something you can step on! With the SKILLER SFM10, a floor mat makes its entrance into our popular SKILLER series. Every floor type gets a protective upgrade and a fresh, new look. A selection of differently designed Sharkoon graffiti and logos decorates the black background surface of the floor mat. The conveniently large size and the nonslip underside ensure full freedom of movement and a secure hold on the ground. With its robust manufacturing and a high degree of resilience, sensitive floors will remain reliably protected.
Urban Designs without Wear or Tear
Whether graffiti art, American vintage style or urban street labels: the SKILLER SFM10 is decorated with a variety of SKILLER tags and Sharkoon logos. These represent widely different designs, which now come together as a stylishly harmonic mix. The simple color scheme consisting of black background and white printing will match any setup. Via the process of sublimation, the printing goes directly into the material of the floor mat. Thus, the pattern does not begin to wear, even after long usage.
Firm Hold and Hard-Wearing
With its generous diameter of 120 centimeters, the SKILLER SFM10 offers plenty of room and full freedom of movement. A layer with nonslip rubber keeps the floor mat firmly in its place. The five-millimeter-thick base material muffles noises from moving chair wheels and prevents scratches and scuffs on the flooring. The SKILLER SFM10 has a stitched rim and a resilient surface, making it ready for long-life use.
120 cm
Material Thickness:
5 mm
Nonslip Base:
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