The Magnetic Top Cover Kit is an easily attachable magnetic cover for the REV200. Due to its perforation, the cover provides an additional outlet for any accumulated air underneath the top panel, thus enabling the unproblematic use of blower graphics cards. An integrated easy-to-clean dust filter also ensures that the PC case is protected from dirt and dust from above.
Ideal Airflow
The Magnetic Top Cover Kit was especially designed for even more cooling performance from our REV 200. So that warm air is not only effectively removed through the rear of the PC case, this top cover is perforated, also enabling the removal of warmed air through the top of the casing. The use of blower graphics cards for optimal airflow is now also possible.
Easy Installation and Easy Access
The Magnetic Top Cover Kit is already pre-installed in the REV220 and can be installed with a perfect fit in the top panel of the REV200. And with its magnetic attachment, the cable compartment underneath is quickly and easily accessible at any time. A dust filter, which is integrated in the cover, can be easily cleaned under running water and protects the cable compartment from dirt and dust.
Dimensions (L x W x H):
355 x 162 x 5 mm
125 g
REV200, REV220
Package Contents
Magnetic Top Cover Kit
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