The TK4 RGB is a compact midi ATX case that impresses with its outward appearance as well as its inner values. The front panel blends perfectly with the otherwise restrained design of the black casing and allows a view of the three 120 mm RGB LED fans, which provide spectacular lighting effects. An I/O panel with two USB 3.0 ports and a tempered glass side panel complete the overall impression.
Front Panel with Radiance
Behind the tempered glass front panel, three 120 mm RGB LED fans ensure an even airflow and, thus, an adequate cooling of the system. The striking illumination of the fans can be easily adjusted as desired using an integrated controller with 14 preset modes. In addition, it is also possible to set the illumination according to your own requirements via compatible mainboards with MSI Mystic Light Sync, Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte Fusion and ASRock Polychrome SYNC.
Unhindered Presentation for Hardware
The left side of the TK4 RGB consists largely of tempered glass, which reveals the built-in hardware and provides it with an appropriate presentation. Thus, the fourth RGB LED fan, which is located at the back of the case, can also be marveled. The fan not only illuminates the interior of the case in stylish colors, but also enables an even and optimal airflow. Since the side panel is attached to the rear end of the case, there are no directly visible screws which could distract from the modern look of the case.
Various Options for Optimal Cooling
The TK4 RGB offers enough possible locations to ensure an optimal airflow. In addition to the RGB LED fans pre-installed in the front and back of the case, more fans can also be installed if necessary, in order to achieve the best possible cooling. The top panel of the TK4 offers space for two 120 mm fans or two 140 mm fans. A further 120 mm fan can be installed on the tunnel for additionally cooling storage drives.
Space for Storage Space
Those who value sufficient data storage space for their PC will find various expansion options in the TK4 RGB to match their needs. Three compact SSDs can be mounted either on the mainboard tray or on the power supply tunnel. In addition, two 3.5 HDDs can be accommodated in the HDD/SSD cage, in which, of course, SSDs can be installed if required.
A True Space Wonder
Despite its compact dimensions, which are also suitable for smaller setups, larger hardware can also be unproblematically installed inside the TK4 case. A CPU cooler up to 15.7 cm in size can be installed, while a graphics card of up to 33.5 cm will still easily be accommodated.
Form Factor:
Expansion Slots:
Interior Painting:
Tool-free Devices Installation:
Cable Management System:
Side Panel:
Tempered Glass
Weight & Dimensions
5.3 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H):
40.0 x 19.0 x 45.6 cm
RGB Compatibility
Manual Control:
14 Modes
Mainboard Compatibility:
MSI Mystic Light Sync, ASUS Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion Ready, ASRock Polychrome Sync
RGB pinout:
5V-D-G & 5V-D-coded-G
Max. Drive Bays
USB 3.0 (Top):
USB 2.0 (Top):
Audio (Top):
Fan Configuration
Front Panel:
3x 120 mm Addressable RGB Fan (Pre-Installed)
Rear Panel:
1x 120 mm Addressable RGB Fan (Pre-Installed)
Top Panel:
2x 120 mm or 2x 140 mm Fan (Optional)
Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX
Max. Length Graphics Cards:
33.5 cm
Max. Height CPU Cooler:
15.7 cm
Max. Length PSU:
17.5 cm
Optional Accessories
Package Contents
Accessory Set
EAN Code
Data Sheet
Product Info