With the SKILLER SGP30 Big Hex, Sharkoon is now introducing its largest ever mouse mat. With its colossal dimensions, the Big Hex offers the opportunity of providing room for other devices in addition to the mouse and keyboard. A simple design, robustness due to the DurableStitch sewing, and a motif produced by sublimation printing all offer the mouse mat a long service life. The Big Hex also knows how to repel water, thus preventing the chances of any permanent damage.
Colossal dimensions
With a full 120 centimeters in length and 60 centimeters in width, the SKILLER SGP30 Big Hex will cover a large part, if not nearly all, of your tabletop. Not only does this allow sweeping movements with the mouse, but other devices such as the keyboard can also be placed on the mat and so be directly at hand.
Firm Hold
Thanks to its nonslip rubber base, the Big Hex stays firmly on the desk or table at all times, even during the wildest maneuvers. The print design won't give up quickly either: Thanks to the resilient sublimation printing, the motif will not fade even after a long time of constant mouse use.
Durability Thanks to DurableStitch Sewing
Not only the motif will show extraordinary durability. Thanks also to the DurableStitch sewing, the Big Hex will prove itself as being long-lived – and even the greatest exertions will leave it unscathed.
Optimal Cleaning thanks to Water-Repellent Surface
With its water-repellent surface and optimal gliding properties, the Big Hex can also be simply cleaned of dirt using a soft, damp cloth.
Perfect for Transporting
Thanks to a thickness of just three millimeters, the Big Hex can be easily rolled up and transported. So, wherever you go, the reliability and performance of the Big Hex can come along too.
Nonslip Rubber Base:
DurableStitch Sewing:
2.5 mm
1350 g
Dimensions (L x W x H):
1200 x 600 x 2.5 mm
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