The SKILLER SAC14 keycap set is an upgrade for mechanical keyboards that, thanks to the use of the polymer material PBT, is extremely wear-resistant. The robust design reduces abrasion and the surface gloss effect that develops over time. The caps are also especially resistant to heat and chemicals. They are the ideal alternative for all keyboards with MX mounts in order to highlight individual keys or to replace worn ones.
Effective Protection from Wear and Tear
The 14 caps of the SKILLER SAC14 are not made of ABS plastic with laser-cut characters, as is usually the case, but are manufactured using double injection technology. This not only makes the characters and symbols on the keys easier to see, but also makes them much more resistant to wear and tear. Illegible characters and symbols due to abrasion and general wear and tear are a thing of the past. And because they are made of robust PBT, your enjoyment of the SKILLER SAC keycaps will last twice as long.
Compatible Design
The SAC14 keycaps are not just ordinary key replacements. They also turn any keyboard into a real eye-catcher. In stylish blue, the caps stand out clearly from the rest of the keys and provide the keyboard with a personal touch. The caps are also designed for illumination and can therefore also be used on keyboards with RGB lighting effects. This not only includes the SKILLER SGK3, SGK30 and SGK60 keyboards from Sharkoon, but also all mechanical keyboards with MX mounts. Since the set contains two kinds of Shift key as well as the Ctrl key, the SKILLER SAC14 is also suitable for most keyboard layouts.
Package Contents
Set with 14 PBT keycaps
Keycap puller tool
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