Comfortable neck and headrest cushions are good for relieving the neck muscles when sitting for long periods. With the SKILLER SHC20, Sharkoon offers a neck and headrest cushion with memory foam that adapts flexibly to the shape of the head without losing its original form. Thanks to its U-shaped design, it can be used with gaming chairs with high backrests and can even be conveniently used for travel.
Ergonomic Support
The SKILLER SHC20 supports a healthy posture and relaxes the neck muscles. This is made possible by the memory foam which is inside the cushion: While it optimally adapts to the shape of the head, it always returns to its original form as soon as the pressure on the cushion is removed. This is also practical for using on long trips. The U-shaped design optimally supports the head and thereby relaxes the muscles.
Easy to clean
The SKILLER SHC20 has a soft cushion cover that is easy to clean. The cushion cover can be separately washed by hand: First, turn the cover inside out and then close the zipper. The inner lining and the memory foam, on the other hand, are not suitable for any kind of cleaning.
Memory Foam:
Cushion Cover Material:
Dimensions (L x W x H):
37 x 21 x 15 cm (± 2 cm)
0.376 kg
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