Lumbar cushions support a healthy sitting posture, especially when sitting for long periods of time. But the SKILLER SLC10 offers more than this: To support a healthy posture, its memory foam filling elastically adapts its form. In addition, the foam assumes its original shape when the pressure is taken off the cushion. The cushion cover is separately hand washable, while the inner lining and memory foam should not be cleaned.
Ergonomically Designed
The large, thickly padded SKILLER SLC10 adapts flexibly to the lower spine and thus optimally supports the back to continually promote a healthy posture. As soon as the pressure is removed from the cushion, it returns to its original shape.
Easy to wash
The cushion cover of the SKILLER SLC10 is made of a comfortable fabric that is also very easy to clean: After the cover has been turned inside out and the zipper has been closed, it can be separately washed by hand, while the memory foam and inner lining are non-washable.
Memory Foam:
Cushion Cover Material:
Dimensions (L x W x H):
36 x 32 x 13 cm (± 2 cm)
0.586 kg
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