With the SHARK XTend 16 extension cable, the power supply to the graphics card is augmented with impressive lighting effects. Eight addressable RGB LEDs bring color into play and illuminate the PC housing. Using an RGB control with a 5V-D-coded-G pinout, colors and effects can be set and adjusted as desired.
Comprehensively compatible extension cable
The SHARK XTend 16 extension cable offers the greatest possible compatibility with its two 6+2-pin connections. This means that it can be widely used and is compatible with all common GPUs and PSUs. With a length of 30 cm and flexible cable bundles, the SHARK XTend is also easy to install.
Impressive RGB Illumination
The SHARK XTend is the perfect complement for enhancing an RGB lighting display. Over the cables are eight fully addressable RGB LEDs to make the SHARK XTend 16 shine. Connected to an RGB controller or to the RGB header of the mainboard, the lighting effects can be extensively customized.
8x Addressable RGB LED
Full Length incl. Connectors:
300 mm
LED Strip Length:
170 mm
Wire Diameter:
18 AWG
Weight incl. Fixed Cables:
95 g
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SHARK Xtend 16
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