The SHARK XTend 24 is a stylish extension cable with customizable RGB illumination. The cable has 24 fully addressable RGB LEDs that can be customized via a compatible RGB control. As the power link between the mainboard and the power supply unit, the extension cable brings additional lighting effects into your own gaming PC.
Suitable for Any PC
With its 24-pin connection, the SHARK XTend 24 is compatible with all commercially available power supply units and mainboards with a 24-pin connector. The total length of 24.5 cm provides the extension cable with flexible possibilities for installation and presentation inside the PC case.
Vivid Color Effects
With 24 addressable RGB LEDs, the SHARK XTend 24 allows impressively illuminated cabling between the power supply unit and the mainboard. Using an RGB control with a 5V-D-coded-G pinout, various effects and colors can be harmonized with the rest of the illuminated hardware.
24x Addressable RGB LED
Full Length incl. Connectors:
245 mm
LED Strip Length:
160 mm
Wire Diameter:
18 AWG
Weight incl. Fixed Cables:
115 g
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SHARK XTend 24
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