The SilentStorm BW120 PWM is a PC fan that focuses on the essentials: With its classic black look and equipped with interchangeable vibration dampers in black and white, it will perfectly suit any PC case. At the same time, the adjustable rotation speed ensures the right amount of fresh air and provides the cooling for the most important computer components.
Reliable Performance
The SilentStorm BW120 PWM offers an adjustable performance of up to 1,400 rpm at an airflow rate of 89 cubic meters per hour, along with a maximum noise level of 28 dB(A). A stable fluid dynamic bearing ensures a reliable operation during a service life of at least 50,000 hours. In addition, several fans can be daisy chained and conveniently operated on one connection.
The SilentStorm BW120 PWM is equipped with vibration dampers with rubberized contact points to reduce any vibrations onto the PC casing and improve the smooth operation of the fan. Both a black and a white version of the vibration dampers are included so that the fan can either do its work unobtrusively or, instead, be a highlight inside the case. The dampers can be simply interchanged for the desired version.
Fan Speed:
450 ~ 1,400 rpm ± 10 %
Bearing Type:
Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Max. Airflow:
89.06 m³/h
Max. Air Pressure:
1.31 mmH₂O
Noise Level:
28 dB(A)
Min. 50,000 Hours
Weight incl. Fixed Cable:
132 g
Dimensions (L x W x H):
120 x 120 x 25 mm
Cable and Connectors
Fan Connector:
4-Pin PWM
Fan Cable Length:
450 + 100 mm
Electrical Specifications
Rated Voltage (Fan):
12 V
Rated Current (Fan):
0.15 A
Rated Power (Fan):
1.8 W
Start Voltage:
7 V
Package Contents
SilentStorm BW120 PWM Fan
Swappable Vibration Dampers
Set with Fan Screws
EAN Code
Data Sheet