With the Sharkoon Charging Cable, mobile devices, whether they have ports for Micro-USB, Type-C or Lightning, can be simply plugged into a common USB-A connection and charged. Thanks to its practical size and light weight, the charging cable is perfect for charging your device when traveling around or any time in the car.
Uncomplicated Charging
The Sharkoon Charging Cable provides fast charging from conventional USB Type-A connections with a maximum 5 volts and 2 amperes. Thanks to the retractable cable that is divided into plugs for Micro-USB, Type-C and Lightning, all kinds of mobile devices can be charged conveniently and hassle-free.
Easy to Use
For the quick and simple charging of mobile devices, whether on long travels or for short car trips, the cable can be pulled out of the cable reel and locked into one of five different lengths of up to 100 cm.
Maximum Cable Length:
100 cm
5 V
2 A
Max. Power:
10 W