When it comes to customization, no limits have been set for the SKILLER SGK50 S3 Barebone. The hot-swappable gaming keyboard with its cleverly designed 75 percent layout comes completely without any pre-installed switches or keycaps. Thanks to its support of the open-source software QMK and VIA, even the most fundamental aspects of the keyboard can be completely customized. A double-layer silicone damping and a positioning plate made of polycarbonate ensure a rich sound and an evenly diffused illumination.
Complete Personalization
The SKILLER SGK50 S3 Barebone is supplied without switches or keycaps, allowing for the maximum possibilities of customization. The keyboard can be installed with almost any commercially available switches and be fitted with keycaps made of a material that suits the user's taste. Thanks to a clever PCB and the included positioning plates, all ANSI and ISO layouts are covered regardless of the language.
Cleverly Designed Layout
With a size of 75 percent, the SKILLER SGK50 S3 Barbone achieves the same functionality as a full three-block keyboard, but with minimized space thanks to the arrangement of the 84 to 85 keys within the layout. Apart from the usual key functions, there is also an additional Sharkoon key on board that can be used to access the web browser. As a typical feature of this keyboard series, the neat look is given the final touch of perfection thanks to the detachable, textile-braided spiral cable with its USB-C and USB-A connectors.
Easy Switch Swap
The SKILLER SGK50 S3 Barbone sets no limits for creativity and variety whatever the desired typing experience, as the keyboard can accommodate all switches that have either three or five pins. So that the fun can begin without delay, the necessary tools for reassembling the switches and keys are already supplied with the keyboard.
Functionality without Limits
The SKILLER SGK50 S3 Barebone allows a wide range of functions without the need for software, including macro programming. Two macros, each with up to 16 actions, can be set up and overwritten using a simple key combination. The SKILLER SGK50 S3 is also compatible with the open-source software QMK and VIA, allowing you to reprogram the keyboard keys—even the Sharkoon key—according to your own taste and requirements.
Illumination at the Touch of a Key
Like the other functions, the keyboard lighting can also be adjusted in a few simple steps. In addition, a variety of single-colored and multi-colored lighting effects make themselves available. The built-in polycarbonate positioning plate not only ensures an improved sound for the switches, but also provides a more even distribution of the background illumination.
Gaming Keyboard
Switch Technology:
Number of Keys:
84 ANSI / 85 ISO
Adjustable Illumination:
Lighting Effects:
Max. Polling Rate:
1,000 Hz
Form Factor:
75 % Layout
Onboard Memory for Game Profiles:
Capacity of Onboard Memory:
256 kB
Detachable Cable:
Weight incl. Cable:
565 g
Weight without Cable:
499 g
Dimensions (L x W x H):
310 x 120 x 29 mm
Supported Operating Systems:
Key Properties
N-Key Rollover Support:
On-The-Fly Macro Recording:
Cable and Connectors
USB Type-C
Textile-Braided Cable:
Coiled Cable:
Cable Length:
150 cm
Gold-Plated USB Plug:
Package Contents
SKILLER SGK50 S3 Barebone - Black
Keycap Puller Tool
Switch Puller Tool
ANSI Positioning Plate
USB Cable (150 cm)
EAN Code
Data Sheet