The Sharkoon floor protection mat is entering its third round! To go with this, there are now three new motif designs, where the attention is especially drawn by a 3D depth effect. Apart from its eye-catching designs, the SKILLER SFM12 floor mat stands out, above all, due to its high degree of durability and a thickness of 5 millimeters that provides reliable protection of the floor surface from scuffs and scratches.
Undertow: The Power of Nature
The Undertow motif of the SKILLER SFM12 series focuses on the majestic, elemental power of nature. With strong blue colors, the water masses pull the observer down in a whirlpool. For this motif design, and to make it deliver even more impact, we have given the floor protection mat a rectangular format as if on a canvas.
Optimal Floor Protection
Thanks to a thickness of 5 millimeters, the floor protection mat dampens noise from the chair wheels and the floor has an effective protection from scratches. The special durability of the SKILLER SFM12 together with its stitched edges will help prevent wear and tear and fraying edges over the years. If necessary, any scuff marks caused by chair wheels can be easily shaken out. With its silicone underside, the SKILLER SFM12 is another floor protection mat that won't let itself get pushed and will always stay firmly in place.
140 x 100 cm
Material Thickness:
5 mm
Nonslip Base:
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Sharkoon SFM12 - Undertow
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