Crystal-clear design and packed with features - that's our Crystal Shark! The keyboard has a transparent housing as well as a compact TKL layout, and for maximum gaming freedom, it can be operated either wired or wirelessly. In addition, the keyboard look and the typing feel can be easily personalized thanks to a magnetically attached housing cover and hot-swap switches. And, of course, software-free RGB illumination is also included!
Full View
The Crystal Shark is an eye-catcher in any setup due to an all-round transparent design along with polycarbonate keycaps for optimal light distribution.
Wired or Wireless
The Crystal Shark can be conveniently operated wirelessly and offers a long battery life of up to 180 hours. Alternatively, the keyboard can be operating using the supplied USB-C cable.
Pre-Installed KTT Switches
The pre-installed switches from KTT are perfect for the Crystal Shark and ideal for all gamers thanks to their transparent design and linear feedback.
Hot-Swap Switches
Using the included tools, the Crystal Shark's pre-installed switches can be easily replaced with any other 3- or 5-pin switches for a customized typing experience.
Customizable Look
The magnetic housing cover of the Crystal Shark can be simply removed for the easy installation of new switches or to have an alternative look with floating keys.
Compact TKL form factor
The keyboard has a cleverly compact layout with a form factor that is 85 % of a conventional 3-block design, making the Crystal Shark easy to use wherever it's taken.
Dual-Mode Gaming Keyboard
Switch Technology:
Number of Keys:
90 ANSI / 91 ISO
Keycap Material:
Keycap Legend:
Wireless Communication:
2.4 GHz
Max. Wireless Range:
10 m
Frequency Range:
2.402 – 2.480 GHz
EIRP Transmit Power:
≤ 0 dBm
Operating Temperature:
−10 to +40 °C
Adjustable Illumination:
Lighting Effects:
Max. Polling Rate:
1,000 Hz
Form Factor:
85 % Layout
Onboard Memory for Game Profiles:
Capacity of Onboard Memory:
32 kB
Detachable Cable:
Weight incl. Cable:
1,084 g
Weight without Cable:
1,034 g
Dimensions (L x W x H):
363.5 x 135.2 x 38 mm
Supported Operating Systems:
Key Properties
Function Keys with Preset Multimedia Actions:
6-Key Rollover Support:
Operating Force:
43 ± 5 g
Switch Properties:
Distance to Actuation Point:
1.9 ± 0.3 mm
Operating Life Cycles of Keys:
Min. 60 Million Keystrokes
Battery Properties
Lithium Polymer
2,600 mAh
Battery Life:
Max. 180 Hours
Recharge Options:
Wired (USB)
Cable and Connectors
USB Type-C
Textile-Braided Cable:
Cable Length:
180 cm
Gold-Plated USB Plug:
Package Contents
Crystal Shark
Keycap Puller Tool
Switch Puller Tool
USB Nano Receiver
USB Cable (180 cm)
EAN Code
DE: 4044951040131
Data Sheet