Whether it’s the stylish look with metal highlights or its powerful 40 mm drivers and clear microphone, the SKILLER SGH10 stereo headset is fully designed for immersive gaming. And the headset not only offers a great sound, but it is also comfortable to wear for hours on end. This is thanks to its light weight along with the spring-loaded headband suspension and the comfortable ear pads made of supple fabric.
Ultra-Light Comfort
The spring-loaded headband suspension of the SKILLER SGH10 automatically adjusts to the shape and size of the user's head for an optimal fit and excellent comfort. Weighing just 253 grams, the headset is also designed to be ultra-light and will hardly be noticed while gaming.
Comfortable fabric ear pads
The SKILLER SGH10 is equipped with circumaural ear pads made of comfortable fabric. They are pleasantly light and breathable and will provide hours of pleasant wearing.
Immersive Audio and Clear Voice Chats
For a particularly immersive audio with rich bass and effective ambient sound, the 40 mm drivers of the SKILLER SGH10 offer a particularly powerful blend of sounds. The detachable, flexible microphone including pop filter has also been specially designed for voice chats with teammates.
Easy Cabling
The cables that come with the SKILLER SGH10 are designed for a variety of connections. The permanently integrated cable with a TRRS connection is intentionally short at 110 cm and is therefore particularly suitable for using with game controllers. An additional cable supplied with the headset has two 3.5 mm stereo plugs and extends the total cable length to 250 cm, which is ideal for connecting to the front or rear of the PC case.
Gaming Wherever You Want
Whether PC, Xbox, PlayStation, tablets, or smartphones—the SKILLER SGH10 has a wide-ranging compatibility with all consoles and mobile devices that have a TRRS connection, and so allows gaming and chatting exactly where you want.
Stereo Headsets
TRRS/3.5 mm Stereo Plugs
Weight Without Cable:
253 g
Headphone Specifications
Speaker Diameter:
40 mm
32 Ω
Frequency Response:
20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
98 dB ± 3 dB
Max. Power:
100 mW
Microphone Specifications
2.2 kΩ
Frequency Response:
50 Hz – 16,000 Hz
−58 dB ± 3 dB
Detachable Microphone:
Flexible Microphone:
Cable and Connectors
Modular Cable:
Total Cable Length 1x 3.5 mm Stereo Plug (TRRS):
110 cm
Total Cable Length 2x 3.5 mm Stereo Plug:
110 cm + 140 cm
Gold-Plated Connectors:
TRRS Pinout:
Tablets/Smartphones/MP3 Players/Notebooks (TRRS):
PlayStation 5:
PlayStation 4:
Xbox Series S/X:
Package Contents
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