Full layout and full freedom, even when it comes to choosing switches and keycaps! The Barebone version of the SKILLER SGK50 S2 has the same technical benefits as the rest of our S2 series, including a PCB that enables the quick swapping of switches, along with VIA and QMK compatibility for full keyboard customization. However, unlike the rest of the series, this Barebone version for the determined enthusiast comes completely without any pre-installed switches and keycaps.
For the Creative and the Determined
The SKILLER SGK50 S2 Barebone will be the perfect choice for those who already have a good idea about the keycaps and switches they really want to have. This is because the keyboard is supplied without any pre-installed switches and keycaps, allowing for the complete personalization of the layout.
Customizable Typing Feel
Do you prefer the personal touch? With the SKILLER SGK50 S2, that's no problem! Switches of your choice with 3 or 5 pins can be easily installed and used. Of course, the tools required for hot swapping are already included with the keyboard.
Full Form Factor
The SKILLER SGK50 S2 is the right choice for those who enjoy full functionality on a full keyboard layout. With 100 to 101 keys, the keyboard has a compact 3-block format that is 96 percent of a conventional keyboard.
Full Customization Thanks to Open Source
Instead of any bothersome software installation, the SKILLER SGK50 S2 relies on simple steps to adjust the RGB illumination or set up macros. In addition, full customization is available through the open-source software VIA and QMK.
Rich Keyboard Sound
To ensure that the keyboard sounds as good as it looks, we have installed a polycarbonate positioning plate and double-layer silicone damping for a rich, deep sound.
Stylish USB Spiral Cable
Like all keyboards in the SGK50 series, the S2 also comes with a detachable coiled cable, which has a USB-C to USB-A connection and provides a particularly chic look for any setup.
Gaming Keyboard
Number of Keys:
100 ANSI / 101 ISO
Adjustable Illumination:
Lighting Effects:
Max. Polling Rate:
1,000 Hz
Form Factor:
96 % Layout
Onboard Memory for Game Profiles:
Capacity of Onboard Memory:
256 kB
Detachable Cable:
Weight incl. Cable:
675 g
Weight without Cable:
605 g
Dimensions (L x W x H):
368 x 121 x 50 mm
Supported Operating Systems:
Key Properties
N-Key Rollover Support:
On-The-Fly Macro Recording:
Cable and Connectors
USB Type-C
Textile-Braided Cable:
Coiled Cable:
Cable Length:
150 cm
Gold-Plated USB Plug:
Package Contents
SKILLER SGK50 S2 Barebone
Keycap Puller Tool
Switch Puller Tool
USB Cable (150 cm)
EAN Code
Data Sheet