Gaming at Eye Level
The Aluminium Monitor Stand from Sharkoon raises the monitor screen on any desk, providing an elevated viewing angle for the user, thus relieving neck and back strain. This supported ergonomic posture allows comfort at eye level even after hours of use. Made from resilient, black aluminium, its elegant design fully supports monitors and laptops up to 15 kg. Thanks to its alternative silver version, it is also perfectly suitable for MacBooks and iMacs. Nonslip pads underneath ensure that everything remains secure.
More Storage Space on the Desk
In addition to its ergonomic aspects, the Aluminium Monitor Stand also assists in maximizing usable space on a desk. On its 550 mm wide by 220 mm deep surface, gaming accessories and work materials have more than enough space next to the screen. Plus, convenient storage space is also accessible underneath the 57 mm tall stand for keyboards and other peripheral devices.
Aluminium alloy
Material Thickness:
4 mm
Color Versions:
Black, Silver
Max. Load:
15 kg
1.5 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H):
550 x 220 x 60 mm
Package Contents
Aluminium Monitor Stand
EAN Code
Black: 4044951019731
Silver: 4044951019748
Product Info