SGC1 Window – The SKILLER Command Center
Sharkoon broadens the specifically designed for gamers SKILLER series with a PC case, which does much more than just visually flex its muscles: the SKILLER SGC1 Window, with its striking front fins pattern plus numerous design elements, is a perfect addition to the SKILLER series. The large acrylic window on the side panel allows full visibility, while the the pre-installed 120 mm LED fan on the rear panel illuminates in the typical SKILLER blue - this being amplified by the blue interior paint. For those who enjoy their individuality, a red or green LED fan with matching interior paint versions are also available. For purists, there is a version available with a blue LED fan and black interior paint. As prominent as the SGC1 is presented externally, so tidy it is on the inside: no matter if it’s the cable management system, practical oval hole cutouts or sophisticated airflow layout – the SGC1 is designed for maximum user-friendliness. The brawny body also guarantees that the PC case never stands on shaky legs and offers a vast amount of space for power supplies, hard drives and fans.

Outside Laid-Back, Inside Cool
For optimal airflow, a pre-installed 120 mm fan is mounted directly behind the front panel of the SGC1. Thanks to the practical oval hole cutouts, an additional 120 mm fan can be easily added. It is also possible to replace these either with two 140 mm fans or with a water cooling system. The front panel offers room for a 240 mm or a 280 mm radiator with a maximum height, including fan, of 5.9 cm. The front fan and fins convey cool air through the case. The fins themselves and a pre-installed, easy to clean dust filter protect the case interior from contamination. The pre-installed 120 mm LED fan on the rear panel ensures the necessary removal of warm air. If a different setup is preferred, three 120 mm fans or two 140 mm fans can be installed on the top panel - or, alternatively, radiators from 240 to 360 mm with a maximum height, including fan, of 5 cm. Through a second pre-installed dust filter on the case bottom, additional cool air can flow into the power supply tunnel. Working in conjunction with the power supply fan, further airflow is generated, resulting in the warm air from the power supply being separately dissipated. The interior of the case will not heat up and the operating noise of the power supply is reduced.

Maximum User-Friendliness
The tunnel provides enough space for power supplies up to 24 cm in length and incorporates an HDD cage, which can accommodate two 3.5" or two 2.5" hard drives decoupled. Oval hole cutouts allow the flexible positioning of the cage. The additional space this creates is suitable, for example, for concealing the complete cabling of power supplies which have no cable management system. Thanks to numerous cable pass-throughs, the remaining cabling inside the PC case discreetly disappears behind the mainboard tray in a just few simple steps. A cutout also simplifies the installation of CPU coolers. These can have a maximum height of 16.5 cm. The maximum length of usable graphics cards is 40 cm. If additional 2.5" hard drives are needed, two mounting frames are located behind the mainboard tray, which, thanks to the practical thumbscrews, are removed without tools.

Modular Hard Drive Mounting
The installation of optical drives is modular and easy: In the front are two drive bays for 5.25" drives. However, by using the enclosed 5.25" to 3.5" bay cover, an external 3.5" drive can be installed. If extra space is required, the drive bays can be quickly and easily removed. Directly above this, on the top of the front panel, are the microphone and headphone audio connectors as well as two USB 3.0 interfaces for the convenient connection of the most important peripherals.

Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX
Max. Length Graphics Cards
40.0 cm
Max. Height CPU Cooler
16.5 cm
Max. Length Power Supply
24.0 cm
Max. Height Radiator incl. Fan (Top)
5.0 cm
Max. Height Radiator incl. Fan (Front)
5.9 cm
Form Factor:
Expansion Slots:
Interior Painting:
Tool-free Devices Installation:
Cable Management System:
Side Panel:
Color Versions:
Black, Red, Green, Blue
Weight & Dimensions
5.5 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H):
45.0 x 22.1 x 47.8 cm
USB 3.0 (Front):
Audio (Front):
Drive Bays
5.25" or 3.5":
5.25" to 3.5" Bay Cover:
3.5" or 2.5":
Fan Configuration
Front Panel:
1x 120 mm fan (pre-installed), 1x 120 mm fan (optional)
Rear Panel:
1x 120 mm LED fan (pre-installed)
Top Panel:
3x 120 mm or 2x 140 mm fan or radiator (optional)
Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX
Max. Length Graphics Cards:
40.0 cm
Max. Height CPU Cooler:
16.5 cm
Max. Length Power Supply:
24.0 cm
Max. Height Radiator incl. Fan (Top):
5.0 cm
Max. Height Radiator incl. Fan (Front):
5.9 cm
Package Contents
Accessory Set
EAN Code
Black: 4044951021253
Red: 4044951021260
Green: 4044951021277
Blue: 4044951021284
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