The SKILLER SGK50 Aviator Cable Set is a striking addition for all kinds of keyboard. The coiled cable cuts a particularly fine figure in any setup, and thanks to the metal cable rod, it will retain its form even after a long period of use. The aviator connectors with their screw thread will provide a connection that is continually stable.
Strikingly Different
In contrast to conventional cables, the coiled cable of the SKILLER SGK50 Aviator Cable Set is a real eye-catcher. The double textile sleeving of the cable enhances both the looks and the durability of the cable.
Always in Shape
Thanks to the integrated cable rod, the cable retains its coiled form even after prolonged use and frequent movement of the keyboard.
Stable Connection
The SKILLER SGK50 Aviator Cable Set is connected to the keyboard via USB-C and to the computer via USB-A. The aviator connectors, from which the set gets its name, have a screw thread that ensures a stable connection at all times.
Aviator Connector:
5-Pin GX12
Connectors and Cable Length:
USB-C to Aviator Connector – 35 mm / Aviator Connector to USB-A – 150 cm
Total Cable Length:
185 cm
Double Sleeved:
Cable Sleeve:
TPE + PET – Braided
Cable Rod Material:
Total Weight:
365 g
Package Contents
SKILLER SGK50 Aviator Cable Set
EAN Code
Black: 4044951040353
Black/White: 4044951040339
Black/Grey: 4044951040346
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