With its SKILLER style collage print, abrasion-resistant surface and non-slip base, the SKILLER SGP2 is both a visual highlight and effective accessory for every type of setup. The mat, with a predominant tone in black, is totally tagged with Sharkoon logos, which have been influenced by the styles of American vintage and the art of graffiti. The mat is, therefore, not just a dependable base for gaming, but it is also suitable for those who find that black alone is too little, and that loud colors are too much: for those who want to make the right impression in true SKILLER style.
For the Ambitious
Because strong ambitions need a solid foundation, the SKILLER SGP2 is almost as extensive as the top of a desk. With a length of 900 millimeters and a width of 400 millimeters, it offers room for all the peripherals and their accessories.
Everything - Except for Boring
The conspicuous top surface of the SKILLER SGP2 displays a collage of logos from our various gaming series as well as designs which have been inspired by American vintage style, classic sport team logos, fashion brands and urban graffiti art.
No Slipping, No Abrasion
Thanks to the process of sublimation printing, abrasive wear is avoided on the top surface of the SKILLER SGP2 - even when the going gets tough on the desk during the game. In addition, the rubber base prevents the mouse mat from slipping.
Offers No Resistance
The top surface of the mouse mat provides optimal gliding performance without start and frictional drag. The stitching on the edges of the mat makes it especially durable and protects from fraying.
"Easy access" at all times
Whoever wants to take their equipment along to events will benefit from the flexible material of the SKILLER SGP2. The low thickness of the mat allows it to be easily rolled up or folded and then be conveniently transported.
Nonslip Rubber Base:
DurableStitch Sewing:
2.5 mm
565 g
Dimensions (L x W x H):
900 x 400 x 2.5 mm
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