With the SKILLER SGP30, your mouse will easily stay on course. Thanks to the nonslip base of the mouse mat, the mouse moves with precision over the surface. The large size of the mats offers more than sufficient space for peripherals, while a wide variety of motifs leaves no room for boredom. Whether it is dark and subtle or light and colorful, the SGP30's wide range of motifs suits every taste and offers the right basis for long gaming sessions.
Generous Dimensions
A greater room for maneuver also provides more possibilities for achieving your goal. For this reason, the SKILLER SGP30 in XXL size, with a length of 900 millimeters and a width of 400 millimeters, is almost as big as a table top. In addition to the keyboard and mouse, the mouse mat will also have enough room for other accessories, so that everything is under control at all times.
Goodbye Boredom
The surface of the SKILLER SGP30 comes in different motifs that could hardly be more varied. With each theme, the gaming desk can either become an impenetrable thicket or a glowing storm or, with a futuristic setting, can help to immerse you into the next space battle. A suitable motif is available for every taste, whether it is predominant black with unobtrusive influences of color or electrifying green or a firework of colors.
A Stable Basis
Thanks to the sublimation printing process, even with the most frantic of mouse maneuvers, there will be no abrasion on the surface of the mat. Due to the rubber base, the mouse mat also offers a secure hold, even when the situation gets critical.
Well Protected and Easy to Clean
To keep things dry, no matter how feverish the situation gets, the textile surface of the SKILLER SGP30 not only has optimal sliding properties, but it is also equipped with a water-repellent coating. Moreover, this lets the mouse mat be simply freed of dust and dirt under running water.
Always Ready for Action
Wherever you go, you don't have to forgo fast and fluid maneuvers, thanks to the SKILLER SGP30's flexible material. This, and the low thickness of the mouse mat, allows it to be easily rolled up or folded and taken along when you travel. So, you will thus have the perfect basis for smooth maneuvers anytime, anywhere.
Arrow, Hex, Mesh, Poly, Stealth, Stone
Nonslip Rubber Base:
DurableStitch Sewing:
2.5 mm
680 g
Dimensions (L x W x H):
900 x 400 x 2.5 mm
Package Contents
EAN Code
Arrow: 4044951032235
Hex: 4044951032198
Mesh: 4044951032181
Poly: 4044951032211
Stealth: 4044951032228
Stone: 4044951032204
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