Switches which are called "clicky" owe their name to the audible click that is triggered when the actuation point is reached. In contrast to linear switches, the button can be released intuitively and quickly at the actuation point thanks to the acoustic feedback and additional haptic feedback. The sound is also reminiscent of typewriters and is particularly valued for focused writing.
Kailh BOX White
The BOX White switches from Kailh are characterized by an operating force of 45 grams. The travel path to the actuation point is 1.8 millimeters. Thanks to their properties and an operating life cycle of at least 80 million keystrokes, they are particularly suitable for sustained writing. But also for gaming, they can cut a good figure. Thanks to the surrounding enclosure, they are also dust-resistant and protected from water splashes.
Compatible and Adaptable
All switches have three pins for a wide-ranging compatibility. They are also all compatible with commercially available keycaps. With 35 switches per package, about the right number of switches can be acquired for any keyboard size, and there will be a few more switches left over as replacements if ever needed.
Number of Pins:
Operating Force:
45 ± 15 g
Distance to Actuation Point:
1.8 mm ± 0,3 mm
Operating Life Cycles of Keys:
Min. 80 Million Keystrokes
Package Contents
35 x Kailh Box White
EAN Code
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