Tactile switches offer the properties of "clicky" switches without the loud click point. The haptic feedback gives certainty about the actuation of the switch as well as providing a pleasant typing sensation. The noiselessness also supports communication during the game.
Gateron PRO 3.0 Brown
The brown PRO 3.0 switches from Gateron feature enhanced light transmission for illuminated keyboards as well as more stability and durability compared to their predecessor. As they already come factory lubed, they are also characterized by a particularly full sound. With 2 millimeters to the perceptible actuation point and a required operating force of 55 grams, they are a good solution for both gaming and office applications.
Compatible and Adaptable
All Sharkoon switch sets are compatible with commonly available cross-mount keycaps and modern keyboards with hot-swap functionality. An optimal number of 35 switches per set allows the switches to be distributed as effectively as possible for any size of keyboard, only occasionally leaving a few switches over as replacements.
Switch Properties:
Number of Pins:
Operating Force:
55 ± 15 g
Distance to Actuation Point:
2.0 ± 0.6 mm
Operating Life Cycles of Keys:
Min. 80 Million Keystrokes
Package Contents
35 x Gateron PRO 3.0 BROWN
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